Consecutive Interpreting

Delivering a speech in front of an audience? Don’t panic! Speak your own language and let me translate for you thereafter. You will feel more at ease and your message will go through with all due accuracy.


Consecutive Interpreting

​Do you need someone to orally translate a speech right after it has been delivered in front of an audience?

A consecutive interpreter does it. In this type of task, interpreters listen to the speaker and then translate to the audience what they have just said, in slots of some 5-10 minutes. Interpreters work with a notepad (so no equipment needed). A disadvantage of this modality is that it takes approx. double the amount of time; on the other side, it facilitates interaction, Q&A sessions, etc.

Get in touch with me, and we’ll sort out what works best for you!

Note-taking from one of my consecutive interpreting assignments

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